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Are you looking to exchange your gold for cash, sell your scrap gold jewelry, or inquire about gold buyers near you? Bullion Hub is the answer to your questions. We provide solutions for all your gold and silver investment queries. We are an Australian-owned and operated, Melbourne-based Gold Company. In addition to facilitating quick and profitable gold transactions, our platform guarantees that you will receive the Best Gold Price with competitive cash offers for your gold products, including scrap, jewelry, bars, etc. Whether you are interested in buying or selling gold bars, gold mints, blocks of gold, gold coins, silver bars, silver coins, etc., discover how simple it is to sell and buy gold at Bullion Hub. Transact with the Best Melbourne-based Gold Company, where each deal is an incredible opportunity!


Bullion Hub provides premier cash-for-gold services in Melbourne, prioritizing maximizing returns on your precious metals. Our exclusive Melbourne CBD office, conveniently located at a 5-minute walk from Flinders Street Station, ensures a secure experience for our valued clients. Expert staff at 227 Collins Street or our Port Melbourne site guide you transparently through the buying or selling process.

Rest assured, our bullion products meet the highest quality standards. We pride ourselves on offering affordable and competitive pricing for all gold and silver assets. Choosing Bullion Hub means access to the best gold price, factoring in gold purity, bullion weight, and any additional premiums or fees.

Whether you're selling gold items like gold bullion, coins, bars, silver, or jewelry, or buying gold bars, coins, bricks, or silver, Bullion Hub has you covered. Our specialized services make us the trusted choice in the gold market. Experience a straightforward transaction process with Bullion Hub, rated a 5-star reputable bullion dealer or gold dealer in Melbourne. Sell gold and silver with confidence, either in-store or online, benefiting from our top Spot Gold Price AUD.

Convert your unused treasures to instant cash with Bullion Hub, your reliable advisor for a smooth and secure gold transaction experience. Visit our stores in Port Melbourne and the Melbourne CBD to explore the best deals in gold bullion. For all things gold, Bullion Hub is your go-to. 💰✨

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Premier Gold Buying and Selling

Perth Mint Cast Gold Bar – 1oz

We take great pride in offering a carefully curated collection of products from renowned industry leaders as Australia's premier gold buying and selling company, catering not only to traditional markets but also establishing a prominent presence among online gold buyers.

Prominent organizations such as the Perth Mint, ABC Bullion, Royal Australian Mint, and many others contribute gold products to our collection. At Bullion Hub, we acknowledge the importance of sourcing gold from reliable and reputable vendors.

We ensure that our customers only acquire the finest gold when buying or selling with us by featuring products from these well-known businesses. Trust in the quality of our services as we diligently work to uphold our reputation as Australia's foremost gold transaction destination. Experience gold purchases in Melbourne with the pillars of quality, transparency, and trust at Bullion Hub.

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Offering fair rates and a transparent process, we take pride in being the go-to hub for buying and selling gold and silver bullion. Additionally, we provide information on today's gold and silver rate before any investment. If you want to sell gold, silver, or platinum items, Bullion Hub offers a simple and transparent approach.

You can walk in and transact with confidence without making an appointment. Receive instant cash payment for your precious metals. Transparency is ensured at every stage, as our purity and weight tests are performed in front of you. We are also a gold and silver coin shop where you can sell your gold and silver coins for the best prices in Melbourne. We ensure that we are the best place to sell gold and silver.

Our dedication to honesty guarantees a reliable transaction, whether you're selling scrap gold, selling silver coins, jewelry, or gold bullion. Trust us to offer fair assessments and swift transactions, turning your gold into immediate financial resources.

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