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Welcome to our premier online gold marketplace, where you can effortlessly sell your gold and explore the latest gold spot price in AUD. At Bullion Hub, you can sell gold in various forms including Gold Bars, Gold Coins, Gold Jewelry, Gold Scrap. We also accept ABC Bullion Bars, Perth Mint Gold Bars. Our gold shop near you is your one-stop destination to cash your Gold. Trust us for the best-selling gold price and enjoy a transparent transaction. Our gold buying process is simple and transparent. You can find the price of gold on our website. Sell gold now at Bullion Hub wisely with a clear understanding of the cost of gold bars, silver bars, bullion and coins, and gold-related items. Visit us now to sell your gold and get instant cash with confidence!

Sell Gold Bars to us

Gold Bullion We Pay You
1 oz Gold Bullion Bar
1/4 oz Gold Bullion Bar
1/2 oz Gold Bullion Bar
2 oz Gold Bullion Bar
5 oz Gold Bullion Bar
10 oz Gold Bullion Bar
1 gram Gold Bullion Bar
5 grams Gold Bullion Bar
10 grams Gold Bullion Bar
20 grams Gold Bullion Barn
50 grams Gold Bullion Bar
100 grams Gold Bullion Bar
500 grams Gold Bullion Bar
1 Kg Gold Bullion Bar

Sell Silver Bullion to us

Silver Bullion We Pay You
1 oz Silver Bullion
1/4 oz Silver Bullion
1/2 oz Silver Bullion
2 oz Silver Bullion
5 oz Silver Bullion
10 oz Silver Bullion
1 gram Silver Bullion
5 grams Silver Bullion
10 grams Silver Bullion
20 grams Silver Bullion
50 grams Silver Bullion
100 grams Silver Bullion
500 grams Silver Bullion
1 kilogram Silver Bullion

Scrap Gold Jewllery Price AUD

Karat Gold Purity We Pay You
24ct Gold per gram (99.99% Pure)
22ct Gold per gram (91.6% Pure)
21ct Gold per gram (87.5% Pure)
20ct Gold per gram (83.3% Pure)
18ct Gold per gram (75% Pure)
15ct Gold per gram (58.3% Pure)
14ct Gold per gram (62.5% pure)
10ct Gold per gram (41.6% Pure)
9ct Gold per gram (37.5% Pure)
8ct Gold per gram (33.3% Pure)

Sell your Gold and Silver with Bullion Hub

Welcome to our gold selling website, where we offer fair prices for your valuable gold items. Whether you're interested in selling gold bullion bars, silver bullion bars, or scrap gold jewelry, we provide a convenient platform for your transactions.

Our pricing is based on current market rates, ensuring that you receive a good value for your precious metals. Explore our tables displaying prices for gold bullion bars ranging from 1 gram to 1 kilogram, as well as silver bullion bars in various sizes. With clear and straightforward pricing, you can confidently sell your bullion bars with us.

Additionally, our scrap gold jewelry price table offers rates based on karat purity, providing fair payment for your gold items. Whether you have 24ct gold with 99.99% purity or lower karat gold, we offer reasonable rates per gram, ensuring that you receive a fair price for your items.

At our gold selling website, we prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to provide a smooth selling experience. Trust us to handle your transaction with care and integrity. Sell your gold with confidence today on our platform.


If you're looking for where to sell gold in Melbourne, you've come to the right place. We'll simplify the process for you in five easy steps:

1. Bring your gold to us in any form (gold bullion, scrap gold jewelry, gold coins, gold nuggets) – literally any form.
2. We weigh the gold in front of you and check the purity of the gold through XRF (X-ray Fluorescence) to determine the purity of the product.
3. Based on the weight and purity of the gold, we calculate the price of your product. Let's explain this with an example: You bring your 22 karat gold bangles to us. We weigh them and find the weight to be 25 grams, with a purity of 91.67%.
4. As per the buyback price on our website, we will pay you $93 (price per gram for 22 karat) * 25 grams = $2325.
5. Get instant cash in exchange for your gold (no checks, no hidden charges).

You can also sell your silver in any form. You don’t need to make any prior appointments; 100% walk-ins are available. Our team is present at both 227 Collins and the Port Melbourne location to assist you.

Some of the items that you can sell to us

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