Unlock the hidden value in your diverse jewellery collection by considering the option to sell. Whether it's a gold engagement ring or a platinum necklace, Bullion Hub is here to turn your unused or unwanted jewellery, irrespective of its carat or type, into a valuable financial opportunity 

Why Sell Your Jewellery?

Beyond sentimental value, your jewellery holds a timeless financial potential. Selling your jewellery or sell gold jewellery melbourne can be a smart move, providing you with the means to meet financial goals, upgrade your collection, or simply declutter your space. Investigate trustworthy outlets for sell jewellery melbourne and discover the true worth of your valuable pieces.

What Types of Jewellery Can You Sell?

At Bullion Hub, we accept a wide range of jewellery made from various metals, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. From the elegance of a 24-carat gold necklace to the subtlety of a vintage 18-carat ring, we embrace the diversity in carats and types.

Scrap jewellery


Determining the Value of Your Jewellery

To get an accurate valuation, share details about the carat, metal type, gemstones, and weight of your jewellery. The carat plays a crucial role in determining value, and at Bullion Hub, we consider this factor to provide fair and competitive value of jewellery for varying carats.

Accepted Jewellery and Additional Services:

Explore the variety of accepted items, from engagement rings to watches and vintage jewellery, each with its unique carat level. Our services may also extend to buying gemstones or designer pieces, catering to the diverse preferences in carats and types of jewellery.

Experience the convenience of cash for gold jewelry, where you can easily monetize your assets and receive on-the-spot payment for your precious items.

Local Presence and Convenience:

For those seeking "buyers near me," Bullion Hub offers a local presence. Visit our local office for an in-person experience at Melbourne CBD or at our Port Melbourne location. Trust in our reputation as a reliable and versatile platform that accepts jewellery of varying carats and types.

Common Queries:

Curious about where to sell your jewellery, considering different carats?

Bullion Hub has the answers. Learn about the factors affecting jewellery value, from metal purity to gemstone quality and carat. Our transparent pricing process ensures clarity in valuation, considering the carat and type of jewellery. Discover the financial freedom that comes with selling your gold jewellery for cash (cashing in gold jewelry), with our dedicated team ready to assist you every step of the way. You have to choose the best way to sell gold jewelry for purchase of gold bars or coins etc. You can check selling gold jewellery prices (gold rate in Melbourne) online at Bullion Hub as well you can sell buy gold from us. Experience the convenience of cash for gold jewellery, where you can easily monetize your assets and receive on-the-spot payment for your precious items. Before selling gold jewellery, research different buyers of gold jewelry in your area and compare their prices and customer reviews to find the best option for your needs. While the price 9ct gold scrap may be lower than the retail price of new gold jewelry, selling scrap gold offers a quick and convenient way to liquidate assets and access funds.

Bullion Hub transforms the process of selling your jewellery (sell gold jewellery Melbourne), regardless of carat or type, into a seamless and rewarding experience. Explore our platform for more information or kickstart the process of turning your unused jewellery, whether it's a delicate 14-carat bracelet or an exquisite 22-carat pendant, into a valuable financial resource. Say goodbye to unworn gold jewellery and hello to instant cash with our reputable cash for gold service. At bullion Hub, you can sell gold silver jewellery and purchase gold online or purchase new gold & silver jewellery or get instant cash.