24 Karat 99.99% Pure Gold Granules - 1 Gram*


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Product Information

Buy 1 gram of 24-Karat gold granules with a 99.99% purity from bullion companies. Each granule represents purity and quality at an individual level. You can use it to craft jewelry or for investment purposes. These gold granules will serve as a valuable addition to your precious metal collection.

Discover the enduring charm and inherent worth of 24-karat gold in a handy 1-gram size. Enhance your investment or jewelry collection with the beautiful craftsmanship of these pure gold granules.

*Please note that we update our prices twice every day during working hours (Mon-Fri). If you place an order on the weekend or outside of working hours, it will be fulfilled either on Monday or the following morning, and the prices may vary according to the world spot price and gold at market price .

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