Perth Mint Bullion Cast Silver Bar - 100 oz*


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Product Information

Presenting the Perth Mint 100 oz Silver Cast Bar, an effective and significant pure silver investment. Crafted by the renowned Perth Mint, this 100 ounce silver bar is made from 99.9% pure silver, ensuring quality and enduring value. Whether you're a new investor or an experienced one, this substantial bar is an excellent choice to diversify your portfolio.

For security and growth over the long run, invest with confidence in Perth Mint silver. Increasing your investments safely is possible with the Perth Mint 100oz Silver Cast Bar.  Purchase yours now for a solid and substantial investment in silver with lasting value. Put belief in Perth Mint's track record and use this magnificent 100 0z silver bar to make a smart financial decision.

*Please note that we update our prices twice every day during working hours (Mon-Fri). If you place an order on the weekend or outside of working hours, it will be fulfilled either on Monday or the following morning, and the prices may vary according to the world spot price.

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