Pool Allocated Gold Bullion Share - 10 grams*


About This Item

Product Information

With our 10-gram Pool Allocated Gold Bullion Share, you can discover the possibilities of owning precious metals.

Dive into the benefits of securing a share in our gold reserves, professionally managed and vaulted at no additional cost. Your online investment journey begins with an easy purchase, followed by an exclusive investor account for buying, selling, or withdrawing as physical gold bars. Withdrawals are straightforward – settle the 'top-up gap' between Pool and Physical prices.

Witness synchronized price movements with the global spot market, ensuring your investment aligns with physical ownership. Seamlessly manage your investment round the clock with our online investor account.

*Please note that we update our prices twice every day during working hours (Mon-Fri). If you place an order on the weekend or outside of working hours, it will be fulfilled either on Monday or the following morning, and the prices may vary according to the world spot price.

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